Market Analysis / Research and Data Analytics

In today’s rapidly changing economic environment and competitive real estate industry, organisations are required to constantly evaluate the economy and the market in order to gain a competitive advantage. Through our active presence in the real estate industry, our clients can benefit from our dynamic and broad network of industry contacts, which have been built up over 15 years operating in the sector, and can be utilised to support strategy development and inform decision making.

Our market analysis team provides in-depth analysis and insight to the following key areas:

Market size and growth

What is the estimated current overall market size (both volume and price)?

What are the trends driving market growth? What are the macro and micro factors that may impact the future growth?

How have target demographics and affordability of households in the catchment changed in recent years?

Competitive landscape

How big are the potential competitors and how have they performed over recent years?

Regulation and Challenges

What are the key regulatory changes which can impact the project?

What are the potential risks to operating in the market?

Future Demand-Supply Assesment

How is the demand from both locals and overseas buyers expected to evolve?

How much incremental capacity is expected to be added to the market over the next 3-5 years?

Given the forecast incremental demand and incremental supply, what is the likely forecast demand-supply imbalance?

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Our experience in understanding how market trends will affect your business will allow you to capitalize on new opportunities and avoid pitfalls resulting from these trends.

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