"Go Far With Us"

We are a full service Real Estate Consulting Firm

Your trusted real-estate partner

As markets grow, contract and fluctuate, intelligent real estate decisions depend on accurate insights into markets and sectors around the world. Our professionals strive to consistently deliver levels of service and success beyond our clients’ expectations. By developing a long-term relationship with LGA, you can be sure that you have the industry’s most talented and committed people working toward the success of your business.

We use our market intelligence, expertise and influence to help you achieve, and surpass, your business goals.


We use our market intelligence, expertise, network and influence
to help you achieve, and surpass, your business goals


We maintain the highest quality in everything we do. While timeliness is important, we never sacrifice quality for speed.

Team Work

The scope and complexity of our work require leveraging the unique abilities of our associates and our clients. Through mutual respect, trust, and cooperation, we achieve results that can only be realized through exceptional TEAMWORK.


Acting with integrity in everything we do, every day, is one of our core principles. We value a transparent approach with all our clients and their projects. As such, we have the courage and the honesty to also react positively to unforeseen situations when they happen and have the determination of learning from them.


We seek for the highest innovation results in our projects, by creating and implementing solutions that push industry boundaries while effecting change from the ground upwards.


We are dedicated to the well-being and success of our employees, clients, and strategic partners. Every relationship into which we enter reflects our COMMITMENT to serve others with excellence.