Our priority is helping our clients achieve their investment goals and make the right decisions. As an investor, you must consider investments that provide sufficient returns but you should also factor in risks. Our professionals can provide you with a critical assessment of asset allocation to ensure you align your risk profile at every stage of the investment lifecycle.


What opportunities are currently available on the markets and what risks need to be taken into account? Our investment experts will perform a comprehensive analysis for you.


How can your financial targets are brought into line with your needs and your risk appetite? We develop the right strategy for your portfolio.


Do you pursue your investment strategy and investment priorities systematically? We support you in implementing your strategy and, where necessary, propose adjustments.

C O N T A C T   U S

Nicolas Gavriel



Dedicated investment advice with a personal relationship

We offer you the option of a long term relationship based on trust to help you meet your financial goals. A LGA Consultant can help you determine the right solution for you, based on your needs.