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Home Man - Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

LionGlobal’s Property Management service is a property management service that is here to give an extra helping hand or be the personal home manager. We are property and home managers that cover not only maintenance, but everything from refurbishments, housekeepers and cleaners and even post management service.



Cleaning Services are available for all kind of properties for a reasonable fee. For this reasonable fee we: dispose of rubbish, make beds, dust furniture, vacuum floors, sanitise bathrooms, clean kitchens (wipe out fridge, microwave and oven) and mop floors. Included in this fee is dustbin sanitisation and cleaning of cupboards and interior windows (as and when necessary). The patio furniture will also be wiped clean and exterior floors will be swept, vacuumed and mopped.


Interior Design & Refurbishment

Our Internationally awarded Interior Design team boasts knowledge and experience of working in a variety of spaces and design styles. Whether a piece of furniture or a complete interior design scheme, our aim is to achieve a totally unique living environment. We take inspiration from the architecture of the building and use this as our starting point for a bespoke interior scheme.


Key holding

We offer a secure key holding service for both occupied and about when you are not in residence. As well as covering any emergency or unoccupied premises, and we also carry out regular property checks so you have nothing to worry non-emergency we hold keys for the following purposes:

If you have locked yourself out, lost your keys or have had them stolen. We will replace the stolen keys or have the locks changed. We can give access to friends, relatives and staff on instruction during office working hours.

While you are away for business or pleasure, we can make regular checks in and around the property to make sure everything is well on your return.


Home General Services

In case you need assistance to do various chores our experienced handyman can help! We offer various services concerning home alterations, repairs, and refurbishments, such as carpentry services, fittings and soft furnishings installations, furniture transfers and painting services.


Gardening and landscape design

From concept to execution our expert landscape designers will provide you with a full consultation service and manage any project efficiently and professionally. If you are looking for a spruce up or help with the vegetable patch then Lion Global Property Management would be delighted to coordinate an expert team of gardeners to ensure your garden is well-designed and well-maintained on an ad-hoc or contractual basis.


Preventive and reactive maintenance

Lion Global Property Management has an unparalleled supplier database that boasts tried and tested reliable tradesmen with whom we have been working with for many years. This allows for us to ensure that all preventative maintenance is carried out to a high standard whilst being cost effective and efficient. We only use suppliers we ourselves would trust in our own family homes.


Air condition cleaning

Our highly skilled technicians offer their air conditioner services and can help you with the installation of almost all types of aircon systems. Furthermore, we also provide our clients with regular aircon servicing and maintenance to ensure your air conditioning system runs efficiently and at its full capacity. This will help keep operating costs down and efficiency to maximum.


Dry cleaning

Clothes, curtains & blinds-Laundry cleaning, dry cleaning, steam cleaning and cleaning of curtains, rugs, clothing, linen and towels available upon request.


Post management

Our post management service provides overseas clients with peace of mind that all of their Cyprus post is being collected on a regular basis. Even if it is simply to monitor the post and flag important documents, or to accept packages on your behalf, we will ensure that clients never miss urgent letters or important deliveries ever again. This also ensures that your vacant property is not subject to burglary with mounting or overflow mail boxes/slots. Clients can re-direct their post and packages to our office, where they will be organized, scanned and placed in a.


Specialty shopping

Welcome food Parcels: Our team is always on hand to help with your daily needs and offer you more time to settle down by simply collecting your welcoming parcel. The welcome food parcels are ordered and delivered prior to your arrival.

Standard includes: bread, sugar, fresh milk, ham, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, lemons, butter, honey, orange juice, still water, jam, tea, coffee and cereals.

Luxury includes: bread, sugar, fresh milk, ham, bacon, cheese, halloumi, eggs, butter, honey, tomatoes, lemons, orange juice, still water, sparkling water, jam, tea, coffee, cereal, seasonal fruit, beer, crisps, biscuits, soft drinks, a bottle of red and white wine, a bottle of Champagne and a bouquet of flowers

Tailor-made: Food packages available on request, as per client’s preference.


Pest control

Our service team will cover the prevention and control of insects (cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, crickets, fleas) and rodents (mice and rats). The service covers the entire internal and external areas at the property; such as the sewage manholes, the electrical and telephony manholes, electrical rooms, meter rooms, pool areas, mechanical rooms, rubbish disposal areas, parking areas and all around the yard / garden (trees, caves, fences, etc.) if applicable. This service is recommended a minimum of twice a year.


Window cleaning

We offer a window-cleaning service and prices are available upon request. This includes deep-cleaning of the windows, frames, shutters and fly screens.


Home Therapy Service

Bed mattress, sofa & carpets. Keep allergies, germs, viruses, bacteria, dust mites and bedbugs away; Sanitize your home with a unique bio anti allergenic vacuum technology and cleaning system. Did you know that three of the most important investments of your home are your carpet, your sofa and your mattress? There are hidden germs lurking below your feet and under your sleepy head. We can help you recover a healthy space with a unique and powerful bio vacuum and cleaning system which kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria and allergens on contact while eliminating.