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5 Kedron 4004, Mesa Geitonia, Limassol, Cyprus

A Transparent Approach

Through mutual respect, trust, and cooperation, we achieve results that can only be realized through exceptional TEAMWORK. Acting with integrity in everything we do, every day, is one of our core principles. We value a transparent approach with all our clients and their projects. As such, we have the courage and the honesty to also react positively to unforeseen situations when they happen and have the determination of learning from them.

Our Team

Antonia Zenonos - Financial Controller

Antonia Zenonos

Financial Controller

Antonis Kakoulis - Technical Director

Antonis Kakoulis

Technical Director

Giorgos Theofanous - Senior Real Estate Analyst

Giorgos Theophanous

Senior Real Estate Analyst

Antreas Sofocleous - Real Estate Analyst II

Antreas Sofokleous

Real Estate Analyst

Nicolas Ioannou - Assistant Project Manager

Nicolas Ioannou

Assistant Project Manager

Lionglobal Rebrading-251 PB

Panayiota Batzeli

Assistant Property Manager

Sergios Pozov - ICON House Manager

Sergios Pozov

ICON House Manager

Erato Constantinidou - Head Receptionist

Erato Constantinidou

ICON Head Receptionist

Marios Nicolaou - Maintenance Supervisor

Marios Nicolaou

Maintenance Supervisor

Leonidas Ioannou - Maintenance Technician

Leonidas Ioannou

ICON Maintenance Technician

Marios Kyriacou - Maintenance Technician

Marios Kyriacou

SUNSET GARDENS Maintenance Technician

Laura Necula - Housekeeper

Laura Necula

ICON Housekeeper Supervisor

Martina Svobodova - Housekeeper

Martina Svobodova


Laura Loba - Housekeeper

Laura Loba


Ioana Paniou - Housekeeper Supervisor

Ioana Panoiu

Housekeeper Supervisor

Maria Frangou - Housekeeper

Maria Frangou


Jane Esperanza - Housekeeper

Jane Esperanza


Lionglobal Rebrading-247

Roxana Cotes


Skevi Hadjicharalambous - Head of Legal & Administration

Skevi Hadjicharalambous

Head of Legal Administration

Eirini Theodosiou - HR

Eirini Theodosiou


Natalie Demetriou - Marketing Manager

Natalie Demetriou

Marketing Manager

Aggelos Kyriacou - Barrista

Aggelos Kyriakou