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Our knowledgeable team is composed by dedicated experts working in each specialism, allowing us to hone in and tailor our key property management services. These include maintaining all areas of the property (common and private), providing full garden-maintenance services, swimming pool maintenance (when needed), as well as insuring the property and dealing with all local authorities in terms of paying property taxes and settling utility bills. To ensure that all is done by the book, we perform regular property inspections.


Contracts negotiation and administrations

Our leases are annual leases and have been reviewed by dedicated personnel who specializes in Property Law. Leases are continuously updated to stay current with the changes in local regulations.


Annual operations budget

Every year an annual operations budget is being prepared and presented to the landlords of the property at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). During the AGM the actual financial performance of the property is presented compared to previous and future projections for income and expenses.


Monthly inspections

Monthly visits at your property for site inspection and corrective actions were needed. In the event of an issue, Management Committee of the building is always notified for the problem and the proposed solution in order to give the approval for the repairment.


Yearly Building Assessment Reports

With proposed actions and costs, Lion Global is here to get to know you and your needs, hoping to take all the stress out of maintaining or improving your property. With that in mind, we offer a service of a yearly building assessment report with proposed actions and costs. Yearly inspections will be conducted for internal/external structural problems, leaks, humidity, mold, insulation condition, drain and gutters blockage, building exterior condition and many more.


Pest Control

Our service team will cover the prevention and control of insects (cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, crickets, fleas) and rodents (mice and rats). The service covers the entire internal and external areas at the property; such as the sewage manholes, the electrical and telephony manholes, electrical rooms, meter rooms, pool areas, mechanical rooms, rubbish disposal areas, parking areas and all around the yard / garden (trees, caves, fences, etc.) if applicable. This service is recommended a minimum of twice a year.


Garden Maintenance

From concept to execution our expert landscape designers will provide you with a full consultation service and manage any project efficiently and professionally. If you are looking for a spruce up or help with the vegetable patch then we would be delighted to coordinate an expert team of gardeners to ensure your garden is well-designed and well-maintained on an ad-hoc or contractual basis.


Lift Maintenance

Lift maintenance is crucial and it’s the responsibility of a property manager whose duty of care is to residents and visitors to ensure the safe use of relevant buildings and facilities. All necessary steps should be taken to ensure lift installations have been treated to the highest standards of lift maintenance services, including lift repairs and more.


Pool Maintenance

Our Pool Cleaning & Equipment Maintenance Service aims to keep your swimming pool in immaculate condition. The service carried out twice a week between May – September and once a week between October – April, is as follows:

  • Cleaning of pool walls and floor
  • Checking of pump, pump filter, skimmers and water levels
  • Maintenance of correct pH balance and cleanliness levels
  • Vacuuming of pool floor and cleaning of pool surface
  • Cleaning of pump house

Note: The Cleaning Service includes the supply of chemicals and the Equipment Maintenance includes replacement of seal, bearings, impeller, filter sand, plant broom fittings and valve seals.


Property Maintenance

Lion Global Property Management offer a high-quality alternative to trades such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters and decorators. We work closely with facility managers providing solutions and one-off application requirements. At the same time, we work with individuals with small job completing. From commercial refurbishments through to home improvements, preparing a property for re-let to repairing a dripping tap, when you need a job doing, we are here to help.


Electrical and Plumbing Services

We offer a wide range of domestic and commercial heating, plumbing and electrical services. From water leaks, boiler repairs/replacements, electrical heating repairs/replacements, adding extra sockets and yearly inspection/testing, we provide a comprehensive service.


Drain Management

Floor, Roof and Veranda drain cleaning. We deal with concrete drainage, plastic drainage, garden drainage and ground drainage. We unblock interior and exterior drains and, in many cases, we are able to fit additional drainage facilities for you.


Insulation and Roof Waterproofing

Lion Global Property Management offers solutions with high-quality materials and warranty for roof insulations avoiding problems such as water penetrations. Our professional team offers reliable solutions and advice on the proper type of insulation/waterproofing, ideal and necessary to avoid side problems with drain rainwater on areas which are not insulated, as well as the maintenance through the years.


Solar system maintenance service

Solar panels have a long lifespan, only requiring a minimum maintenance once a year. We offer inspection and cleaning services which are imperative to ensure that bird droppings, dirt and debris are not blocking absorption of the sun and your system has maximum efficiency.


Water tank disinfection

Our company offers services that ensure the health and welfare of our client. Most people are not aware that they need to clean their water tank regularly. Water storage tanks must be kept clean to prevent sludging, sediment and prevent water-borne diseases. Keeping the water tank and reservoir clean is an important part of maintaining the water facilities of a building. We propose water tank disinfection every two-three years.


Window cleaning

We offer a window-cleaning service and prices are available upon request. This includes deep-cleaning of the windows, frames, shutters and fly screens.


Air condition maintenance

Our highly skilled technicians offer their air conditioner services and can help you with the installation of almost all types of aircon systems. Furthermore, we also provide our clients with regular aircon servicing and maintenance to ensure your air conditioning system runs efficiently and at its full capacity. This will help keep operating costs down and efficiency to maximum.


Refurbishing of communal areas

We work with experts who will look at your property and produce a brand-new look to your property that works for your lifestyle and tastes. Our designers have original ideas and great attention to detail that will convert your property into a dream property. We are very personal; making sure every project is completely individual, listening to our clients’ needs.